Sacramento has been voted the second most overlooked city in the nation.

Sacramento has been voted the second most overlooked city in the nation.

DK Eyewitness Travel, an agency that publishes travel guides and books, has made the distinction, placing Sacramento right after Madison, Wisconsin.

According to the agency, the purpose of the list was to highlight interesting cities nationwide that do not get the recognition they deserve. They want travelers to go out and explore more and hope that putting these cities on the list will boost tourism.

This ranking doesn’t come as a surprise to some Californians, as Sacramento has to compete with Los Angeles and San Diego — the cities that boast Hollywood, celebrities, surfer dudes, and the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. However, despite these large, bustling cities, Sacramento has its own gems that should be broadcasted on a national scale.

Back in 2013, the city of Sacramento held a contest aptly named “Calling All Dreamers,” which asked entrepreneurs and small businesses owners to enter with their business plan and ideas. The winner would get professional job coaching and support, along with a hefty capital investment from the city of Sacramento. Even though there was only one winner, the contest brought many amazing thinkers to Sacramento’s business district.

Take Amal Iqbal, for example. This fashion designer was in the top five finalists for the contest, and while she didn’t win, the contest gave her the confidence to open her first atelier, Studio FIG, downtown earlier this month.

Iqbal is only one small success story from “Calling All Dreamers.” Since 2013, the 34 contest participants have opened 15 new businesses, created 20 full-time and 57 part-time jobs, and signed rental agreements on over 18,000 square feet of commercial space downtown.

Not only did this contest encourage dreamers to set up shop, but the business community is now booming as well. And what is better than small businesses owners doing what they love, in a community that encourages them to reach their full potential?

And that’s something the nation should see. To the 82% of consumers who use search engines to find out information about local businesses — simply come on down to Sacramento. Overlooked? We think not.

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